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How We Give Now: A Philanthropic Guide For the Rest of Us 

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How We Give Now

The book is a call to re-imagine what we include in what is called philanthropy, since people do a whole lot more than just give money to charity. I make 3 overall arguments:

  1. What is called philanthropy in the US – $ to nonprofits – is only one piece of what people actually do. We also give time and data and we give them through mutual aid, politics, consumer choices, investing, etc. I tell stories of people doing these things well and provide tips on how readers can think about their choices.
  2. We’re now giving data – a huge opportunity but one that needs careful consideration to be done equitably and avoid harm, and we can’t let big corps capture it (which they are, of course, trying to do) The thinking and planning here should be led by people of color, women, and people with disabilities – communities who have been most harmed in past. This gives us an opportunity to define both a new path for giving that is equity and justice centered and follow new pathbreakers. It includes considering what data shouldn’t be given (or even collected). Civil society must lead here
  3. Hey, if you take #2 and #1 together – It’s time to redefine philanthropy – and the book makes recommendations for advocacy groups, associations, foundations/nonprofits who are thinking ahead.




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Digital Technology and Democratic Theory

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Digital Technology and Democratic Theory


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Present the information from Blueprint 2012 at your next organizational meeting and incorporate the key three trends directly into your planning efforts.

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Philanthropy and Social Investing Blueprint 2010
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Creating Philanthropic Capital Markets: The Deliberate Evolution

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